The Pros and Cons of Living a Childless Existence….


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The Pros:

  1. You never have to pay a baby sitter.
  2. You can vacation in the middle of the school year without having to worry about your kids’ education.
  3. You can be naked in the middle of the day.
  4. You get to travel and not have to pack a trunk for a three day trip.
  5. You can go out to eat in restaurants where almost all the patrons are grownups.
  6. You never have to hide your treats to keep the kids from eating them.
  7. Your dog gets a lot of attention.
  8. You don’t have to watch kiddie t.v.
  9. You are free to be who you choose to be without worry about being a “bad” example or influence on anyone.
  10. You don’t have to worry about being left alone in an old folks home.

The Cons:

  1. You don’t get cool paper mache junk for gifts.
  2. You have to think of reasons why you love Sesame Street.
  3. You get old alone.
  4. You can’t blame your kids when you back the car into something.
  5. …….. I’m thinking……
  6. You don’t have built in trash removal service.
  7. You have to wash your own dishes.
  8. You don’t get tax breaks or assistance when needed.

Actually, I kind of enjoyed some of being a childless adult.  I didn’t have to worry all the time about everything I said or did.  But having a child might have been nice…… at least having one I could raise……

What do you think are the pros and cons that I missed?

Fun Days!

So tomorrow – after a little sleep and a shower – I head to a friends house for the day.  I am dragging my niece along – I really like that kid! – and we are going to set up a “play date” for all us old people to go swimming and fishing for a day!

My Reginator the Redogulous is going to be very surprised!  He loves to go visit my friend and watch the kids play ball (he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of fetch yet – we are working on it).  But he is very social and well behaved with children – the younger ones even more so.

Yesterday at the dog park he got sat on accidently by a child – got hurt and screamed… but did not nip or panic and attack anyone.  He is an exceptional dog.

Pictures on the flip side!  Goodnight world.

Crate Training…… Hmmmm…..


Okay, so I am crate training my puppy.  Reggie has been extremely cooperative, but hates being locked in at all.  He will sleep in his crate….. or on the bed, depending on how needy he is to being close to someone.  This seems to be pretty much a thing for him – the not liking to be alone thing.  In fact, he is currently sleeping on my foot…. in hopes that I will cave in and go to bed now.  But crate training will make it easier to travel with him.

The thing is, I am not so sure that locking him in anywhere is ever going to work.  He does not like being caged.  He will tolerate it, but then he gets frustrated and gets upset by his inability to leave any given area.

He does, however, go to his crate at night when he is over-warm or feeling the need….. which is a good step in the right direction!

Another day…. he grows and is so much fun…… and the training continues.

I Miss You Dad…..


My Dad was an odd man, to say the very least….. he was the quintessential desert rat….. long hair most of the time, unshaven and jeans, boots or dirty sneakers and a button down shirt…. usually over a t-shirt.  But he was so very special to me.

My father loved me even though I wasn’t born at a propitious moment.  I was his kid…. enough said.

My father tried, even though he drank heavily all of my life and even did drugs for a while, to be the best person he could be and teach me all the things I would need to know to be a good adult.

My father was the one that kept me safe when mom would try to hurt me – at least when he wasn’t working one of his many jobs feeding us.

My father was the one that taught me to think beyond the moment…. to dream and see things in ways that are beyond just looking at a leaf or tree.

My father argued origins of man with his precocious ten year old daughter and taught me about boys and how they really think.

My father was Dad.

He wasn’t perfect…. He was my DAD.  I miss you Dad.

Punish the Parents – Debtors Prisons Live!


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As I was perusing my usual reading matter I came across this article, posted by another person, that first made me angry, then made me sick.  A woman dies for truancy fines?   What the hell!  So, I began to read and was astounded at how very callous the world has become and how very ignorant of these incidences we are.

The article talks about how a woman in her mid-50s is jailed for fines that, according to one judge were cleared by him 2 years prior – and the next judge jails her for it. She has known health issues and the jails do not bother to find out or give her medications, but there is no wrong doing on their part……

Best of all, since no one is responsible and the woman is poverty stricken, a mother of 7 and without means, her children will watch her go into a paupers grave and grow up separated by the system.

And let’s ice that cake with the reasons for the fines…… truancy and court fees – things like the computer fund, mailing, etc.

So you now have 7 new orphans who are going to believe, at least one of them will if not all, that they were the cause of their mothers death.

The truth is that they are not the cause, the cause is that we have taken so much from parents…… the right to raise their children as they see fit.

And what we have given back….. the right to be punished for things that the child does.

Now, honestly if a 1st grader is ditching school, I have to look at the parents…. in fact up to about the 4th grade I would look at the parents.  After that point, around 5th grade children begin to make decisions that their parents are not aware of and can’t anticipate.  They begin to be individuals.

What we need to keep a clear view of is that interfering with the normal development of a family by dictating how they interact is not healthy.

Then we have the other thousands of women – 2 out of 3 jailed in PA alone – that are being jailed because of the fines their children incur for truancy…. why were they paying the fines?  What is wrong with the children?

In Wisconsin, Wood County at least, the child must pay the fines, not the parents.  They do community service and pay for their own decisions.  The parents are counseled, but not harassed, fined or jailed because a child makes poor choices even after discipline.

Does jailing anyone really fix a debt?

Moving Home


Recently, for some odd reason, there has been a great deal of debate on why I am moving home and why I am going to live where I will be living.  I don’t get it.  After all, we are all adults… okay, most of us are.  But the truth is more complex than the simple answers I have given…..

  1. I am homesick.  I was born in a place I do not have any connection with.  But home, the place I have lived the majority of my life, is the one place where I always feel right.
  2. Yes, I know that I don’t make near enough cash to live there.  But I don’t make near enough cash to live anywhere but my car anyway.
  3. I am moving to a place where I have family, friends and love.  While some people believe they can live their lives in a closed room, I have learned that is insane and useless.  So for me, I need to have the doors open, friends and family that want to be near me, and the ability to know that I will always have a net.  (Anyone that ever spent any time in foster care should understand this.)
  4. I am moving to where I can, at least, observe my grandsons from afar.  I know, sounds a bit creepy, stalkerish, but I have been let know in no uncertain terms that I am not welcome….. not important, whatever…. and at the same time, I do have the right to know how they are and to help if possible…. carefully and quietly without their knowledge of course.
  5. I am moving out of the 70+ inches of snow and -50+/- 10 degrees winters.  My old body can’t take that kind of cold.  7 months of intense and agonizing pain will make anyone consider their options.

I hope that clears that up for those that don’t get it.

Also, one note, those that don’t like what I am doing, please get over it.  I don’t tell you what to do.




Reggie is the newest addition to my world.  He is 7 wks old and very active.  I think we walked miles today and never left the yard.  First – before leaving the familiar – leash training!

They are a lot of work – but not the worst…. and they love you no matter what!

Religious Freedom is for ALL Religions – Not Just Christians


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Recently there has been a lot of hoohah over the religion of the President of the U.S.  Initially, when he was first elected, it was all about his church pastor being a racist….. now it is paranoia over him possibly being Muslim/Islamic.  I have heard more about how this nation is “Christian” in the last decade than most people ever talked about for prior 40 years.  Worst part is – IT IS BS.  Come on people, we all learned American History in school and one of the things it talks about is the fact that the ability to worship, believe and congregate for religious purposes, has always been protected under the law in the United States.  How is that missed?

First, this Nation is not a “Christian” nation as the Religious groups would like to claim.  The Christians are the loudest talkers – period.  There are Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, and even flat out Pagans in enormous numbers in this country and around the world.  However, in this country, in the United States of America, the Constitution protects every citizen’s right to worship whatever deity, in whatever fashion, for whatever reason….. unconditionally.  It does not protect ONLY Christians.

Second, in this Nation, there is NO requirement that any elected official be Christian, or religious at all!  The idea is that religion is a personal matter and not for public consumption is one that is as old, nay, older than the Constitution itself.  In fact, that is why the Church and State were deliberately and rigorously divided in the developing of this Nation.

The truth is, I don’t give two hoots what God you worship, as long as you are moral, true and real with the laws of this nation.  It offends me greatly when someone points out another’s religious beliefs as a reason to treat them badly.  That is hatred in its basest form and shows that the world is sliding back into ignorance faster than water runs off a mountain. (I wanted to say something crude here).

Why are we proving to the world that we are stupid, backward and arrogant as they believe?



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